In safety

Ready, with care

It is in our nature to look for the best solution for your open air holiday and to take care of you and those you love. Our facilities are surrounded by greenery and large spaces, fully sanitised and hygienic and ready to welcome you with complete peace of mind.

It's just the way we are and why we wanted to answer your questions about safe holidays. We are ready, with care.

Arriving in Italy

To better plan your trip, find out the necessary requirements for travelling from your country to Italy: travel restrictions.
If you need more information, you can consult the website

Arriving at the village and Green Pass

As of 01 April 2022, the Green Pass obligation (basic or reinforced) is no longer required and it is no longer necessary to access the structure.

All the FAQs on the Green Pass

Flexibility and insurance

We want to guarantee you maximum flexibility, so you can cancel or change the date of your stay and destination before arrival. In addition, we've included free insurance in the price, so you are also covered for Covid-19.

For more information, see our Operation Relax page.


As of 01 May 2022 is no longer mandatory to wear a mask indoors. However, its use is recommended in indoor public places or places open to the public.

Children up to 6 years of age and people with disabilities or relevant medical conditions are not required to wear a mask.

Green Pass

As of 01 April 2022, the Green Pass obligation (basic or reinforced) for outdoor and indoor consumption in bars and restaurants falls.

All the FAQs on the Green Pass


To maintain proper occupancy levels in our pools, staff are always on hand to monitor the entry and exit of visitors.

In busy situations, a reservation system for certain pools may be activated for optimal management.

A Green Pass check is not required to access the water park.


Our experienced team have been fully trained in preventive measures and our entertainment activities have been redesigned and updated to ensure the safety of our youngest guests. Spaces have been reorganised to favour outdoor areas and there are sanitising gel dispensers and place markers in the play areas.

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