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Villages along the Tuscany coast

If you have spent enough time on the beach and the sun is still up, why don’t you explore the perched villages in the hinterland and taste some local delicacy?


Among the most beautiful villages in Italy there is Suvereto: medieval streets, stone houses and buildings nestled in the nature of Cornia Valley. The surrounding countryside gave locals the opportunity to develop a long history of wine and olive oil production. Make sure you try some!


If you love panoramic views surrounded by nature, you will love Sassetta, a small village nestled in green, in a territory of hunters and lumberjacks. You are going to love having a stroll here and then relaxing at the lovely thermal hot springs spontaneously flowing from this land.


Bolgheri is a true gem in the area, well known for being a characteristic village where locals produce great wine, which is very popular all over the world. The charming tour across this area starts even before passing through the city walls, along Cypress avenue. This up and downhill road is lined with high cypresses leading the way towards the town center.

Archeological etruscan sites

It’s now time to talk about the many archeological sites in the area, which are considered among the most important Etruscan ones and can undoubtedly be called an open-air museum.
Populonia is the only town built by Etruscan people on the seaside and the Acropolis dominates the Gulf of Baratti, offering a breathtaking view!
Another highlight of the site is definitely represented by the tombs! It could seem a bit gruesome but the cairn graves and aedicula tombs recount the characteristics of the Etruscan civilisation.

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